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CostMarc has the answer to uncover hidden costs and increase profits:

  • We analyze leases and service agreements.
  • We organize all the data to reveal what the total costs really are.
  • Our audits use an extensive database of equipment and service pricing to make sure the correct costs will be paid.
  • We right size your solution to maximize efficiency and workflow.

Through a close association with the banking industry, CostMarc understands best practices used in credit card processing.

  • We negotiate for best processing rates.
  • Transaction level optimization is examined.
  • We audit processing techniques, ensuring best practices.
  • We explain all processing structures, providing clients with leverage through knowledge

We understand many companies feel there is nothing they can do about increasing energy costs. This is not true.

  • We uncover billing errors either through incorrect rate structures or inaccurate meters.
  • We are able to recover credits for clients on past inaccurate bills.
  • Fluctuations in energy markets may affect rates.
  • We make sure all surcharges, taxes and tariffs are correct.
  • We make sure future billing is correct.

CostMarc knows this category links technology with personnel, which should result in operational excellence.

  • Our operational and process experts will maximize your spend with an eye to your bottom line.
  • These services and supplies can represent a large part of your business expenditures and can seem overwhelming.
  • We will integrate these spend categories seamlessly into your business budget, saving you time and money in the process.

This category increases in cost year after year, with less coverage provided.

  • CostMarc will review your health care coverage and find the right provider and coverage at the right price.
  • Finding the right plan will alleviate searching each year for a new plan.
  • This cost center is very important for employee retention for your company.

The decision of having an on-site or off-site Managed IT Service, requires an experienced eye to detail.

  • Your present business needs must be contrasted with long-term initiatives and potential growth.
  • Our approach is to analyze and understand your operational model.
  • We understand your hardware and software needs and then integrate staff or outsourcing for maximizing efficiency.
  • Our expertise in IT and Digital Transformation gives us the ability to create best practices.
  • Managing technology, workflow, staff and practices results in drastic cost reductions and time-savings, while increasing efficiencies.

Every office needs supplies, but how cost effectively are they purchased. This can be an office manager’s nightmare.

  • The sheer number of items and vendors can be overwhelming.
  • We scrutinize contract terms and price escalators.
  • We guide you to automate processes to drastically reduce time spent in data organization and administration.

There are many moving parts, people and processes involved in shipping

  • Whether using small parcel or freight shipping, CostMarc knows how this industry works and where savings can be realized.
  • We review contracts, eliminate unnecessary rate hikes and manage margin calculators.
  • With freight, complicated routes and carrier combinations result in high costs when not analyzed. Here we negotiate rates and terms or conduct a Request for Proposal (RFP). This results in dramatic cost savings and the best service possible.

This is an ever-changing cost category, with new technologies and efficiencies constantly changing.

  • With increasing technology comes increasing amounts of data to deal with. Do you stay with what has worked or spend on new technology?
  • We help you see how this technology effects your business and your customers?
  • We explain confusing billing procedures and find hidden charges and escalators.