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If managing technology services in the pursuit of operational effectiveness is the foundation of CostMarc, then the expense area of Copy/Print/Scan represents the bedrock.This category provides the greatest opportunities for cost-savings and, therefore, the greatest opportunities to discover profits for our clients.

Many businesses do not realize how many hidden costs may be built into equipment leases and service agreements. This lack of transparency leads to large margins for vendors, making it especially effective as an avenue to drive profits through cost-effective, knowledge-driven expertise. CostMarc has it.

Our audits leverage an extensive database of equipment and service pricing, which is enhanced by a knowledge of how to right-size solutions that cater to your business’s usage, workflow and software needs.


One of the key factors that has enabled CostMarc to include Credit Card Processing under its available scope of services is the relationships we have built within the banking industry. They have provided CostMarc with a breadth of industry awareness, from best (and worst) practices, price benchmarking and processing techniques. Utilizing this data, bypassing the sales channel altogether, and partnering with experts both formerly and currently in the industry, allows CostMarc to find savings for clients where others do not.

Focusing our attention on:
  • Processing rates

  • Transaction level optimization

  • Auditing processing techniques, ensuring best-practices are those being employed

  • Keeping banks and processors honest, as lack of regulation leads to lack of transparency

  • Elucidating the processing structures to clients, providing them with leverage and knowledge for future spending

Remember, it costs you nothing to let CostMarc to take a look.

Often overlooked yet unavoidable are a company’s energy costs. This is why there exists great opportunity for cutting costs on utilities spending, along with many ways in which to receive refunds on past billing.

Factors that contribute to errors in utilities billing include:
  • Complicated energy company rate structures and billing codes

  • Past inaccurate meter reads leading to a history of incorrect charges

  • Faulty meters that, when and if they are fixed, will not necessarily be refunded to customers unless prodded to do so

  • Changes in surcharges, taxes and tariffs as a result of changing industry mandates

  • Fluctuations in energy markets that will alter price, unbeknownst to buyers

Additionally, finding the refunds your company is entitled to, and more cost-effectively approaching costs in the future can be done as quickly in the realm of energy costs as in any cost area. It simply comes down to knowing you can and knowing how.

CostMarc’s specific expertise in this profit-enhancement area is in Food Services and Janitorial/Cleaning Supplies. Both of these areas demand an approach that is cognizant of the intersection of technology and staff. Knowing how to strike this balance is what CostMarc, and the category experts we work with, bring to you.

Each area requires an expertise in personnel management and operational excellence. Knowing where to save money is significant, but even more so, is knowing how to spend it effectively. CostMarc has built an extensive network of operational and process experts that have bolstered what our team already provides in Facilities Management guidance.

Food and Janitorial/Cleaning services and supplies represents a large portion of your regular business expenditures. CostMarc will help you integrate them seamlessly into your business, saving you time and money in the process.

The assessment of on-site and off-site Managed IT Services requires a holistic view. One with an eye for the present needs of a business, while the other factors in long-term initiatives concerned with sustainable growth. Our approach is to analyze and understand our clients’ entire operational support model. Knowing how best to integrate hardware with software is not unlike knowing how to integrate people and processes.

IT is foundational to CostMarc’s services. Our expertise in IT, and true Digital Transformation, is the lens we provide our clients. Appropriately merging technology, work-flow, people and processes results in drastic cost and time-savings, while boosting efficiency and sustainability.

Let us prove it to you.

Every office has them. Not every office is aware of how to effectively buy them.

Keeping on top of a business’ Office Supplies spend is an office manager’s nightmare. The list of items, the variability of how/when items are utilized and the amount of vendors that can be involved with keeping inventory intact is burdensome enough. Vendors providing these items know the difficulty of managing so many line items and scrutinizing costs. This leads to overspending.

CostMarc is aware of what pitfalls vendors bank on purchasers falling into, how to avoid them and how to turn this spending area into a cost-savings center.

Our expertise has allowed clients to:
  • Avoid perilous contract terms and price escalators

  • Automate processes in order to drastically reduce time spent in data organization and administration

  • Integrate software initiatives that propel industry-best practices that improve knowledge regarding both supplies providers and operational processes

With CostMarc, you will cease to be “every office.”

Many service providers use the lack of transparency to their advantage. The amount of moving parts, people and processes, that exists in the shipping sector allows its providers great leeway in maintaining high prices and confusing buyers.

In terms of Small Parcel Shipping, knowing exactly where profits are made by vendors is key to understanding how purchasers can find savings, driving profitability in their favor. Profits for parcel carriers are hidden in contract agreements, unnecessary rate hikes and margin-calculators that do nothing but raise prices for purchasers who are most often helpless in staving them off.

There is little difference when considering the freight carriers that transport shipments. In this case, complicated routes and carrier combinations present a logistical and operational obstacle that is usually expressed in bloated costs for purchasers.

In many cases, CostMarc’s mere presence in negotiating terms and pricing for clients, and conducting a Request-for-Proposal, results in drastic cost-savings and a more attentive vendor. More often than not, this is the incumbent vendor.

Let us help you keep your shipping providers honest, providing the best service possible.

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, with ways of communicating seeing exponential growth, there are two key factors that purchasers need to keep eyes on.

First, with rapidly increasing technology comes rapidly increasing amounts of data to keep abreast of. The decisions to keep up with technology or hold firm with what has worked in the past, is always difficult, and is crucial to a business’ profits.

Second, is understanding how technology at the forefront of the industry effects customers. Strategies employed by technology providers are aimed at finding margins at the risk of transparency to purchasers. This is seen in contracts that hide future charges, confusing billing procedures and flashy marketing meant to artificially drive up costs.

CostMarc has extensive experience in providing clients the wherewithal to deal with these obstacles, and more, and effectively find profits where costs used to be found.